‘Veganism is not limited to the West’: Meet The Vegan Nigerian

It’s been on the rise worldwide, but veganism is nothing new, with many cultures embracing plant-based food for generations. Pursuing a vegan lifestyle can often involve finding new ways to approach traditional food and experiment with dishes, making sure meat-free isn’t missing out on fun or flavour. Tomi Makanjuola, aka The Nigerian Vegan, is reimagining tradition through her food by veganising Nigerian cuisine for the world, and we’re loving it!

How can I make my home more plastic-free? —

In our last blog post we shared some of the biggest facts about plastic usage and waste, and some of them were quite surprising… We all know the severity of the plastic pollution problem, so let’s do something about it. We think it’s important to start from home, evaluating our daily habits and seeing what steps we can take to reduce our plastic consumption and general waste little by little. A 2021 survey of 2000 adults in the UK shared that 92% of them were concerned about plastic pollution,

Sheffield delivery drivers strike against unfair wages

Drivers for the food delivery couriers Stuart and Just Eat have this week begun striking action against their employers across Sheffield. Businesses the drivers would usually serve included McDonald’s, and picket lines have been drawn across all chain restaurants in the city to shut down deliveries. A new restaurant chain will be added to the picket line each week. The strikes have been largely organised by members of the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB).

PSA: Stop telling black people ‘you sound so well spoken’

Since I was little, people have told me I sound ‘posh’ when I speak. When I thought of “posh”, I thought of Kensington & Chelsea, and upper middle-class, which was not remotely my reality. It also felt though, as if by “posh”, people meant “non-black”. I remember in secondary school one classmate, when I said I’m from Tottenham, said: “You’re from Tottenham and you speak like that?!” Last year, my manager at a charity shop I used to volunteer in said to me: “Your English is really good – do you

Why should we ALL go plastic-free? —

We’re sure you’ve heard a lot of talk about ‘zero waste’ in discussions about being more eco-friendly, but that just doesn’t do it for us. It’s a mammoth task to be completely zero waste, and no one wants to feel like they're fighting a losing battle. Here at Goodfind, we want to start small: we’re fighting the good fight towards tackling plastic waste, with the help of some great brands. But in order to achieve this, we need to understand why we’re doing it in the first place, right? In the UK

Your mental health matters – and you shouldn’t feel bad for seeking help

Is anyone else confused as to how we’ve reached Week 11 already?! The semester flying by is good for some, who are maybe keen on their Christmas holiday plans. But it can also be daunting, as deadlines creep closer and workload gets more intense. Whether you’re a first or final year student, stress and mental health challenges affect us all. Life can feel overwhelming, and therefore be difficult to navigate. First of all, try not to be so hard on yourself. You’re only one person, and reminding